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Storage of Large-diameter Seamless Steel Tubes

Date:2019-08-05    keywords:seamless steel tube,storage

The large-diameter seamless steel pipe adopts unique technology. Its finished appearance looks high precision, and the quality of the inner and outer walls is smooth and the image is good. Generally, the preservation process of the factory is strictly controlled, not casually. A small warehouse can be completed. If the storage is not good, it will greatly reduce the selling phase, and it will also reduce the energy and effort that the manufacturer spends on it. Every step is going through an extremely delicate process. It can be done, and in general, they will be stored in a warehouse at a certain temperature.

With such a good storage, the sales of large-diameter seamless steel pipes are better, which is also the ingenuity that researchers have taken for him. It is finished by special treatment. After the product is formed, it can be delivered directly without deep processing, eliminating the tedious steps of deep processing again. Because of special treatment, there is no need to worry about corrosion during use.

Seamless steel tube manufacturers of precision bright tubes do not have any requirements for storage conditions. If you buy ordinary precision bright tubes, for some industries where the use of precision bright tubes is relatively large, you need to build a professional storage room. Because of the oxidation resistance of the ordinary precision bright tube itself, it is still relatively poor. If such a pipe is placed directly outside, then this will give the precision bright tube the best conditions for rusting. Because in a normal temperature, polyoxic environment, the precision of the bright tube rusting is very fast. If it rains from time to time, the pipe will soon rust. However, there is no such limitation in precision bright tubes, because such pipes have excellent oxidation resistance. Even if the precision bright tube is placed in an open environment, the pipe will not rust. This is easy to bring, a certain use problem. In terms of hardness and pressure resistance, it has certain advantages.But just a few years ago, many industries that used it, the piping system, did not use precision bright tubes as the main pipeline material. Why? This is because the precision bright tube, although it has many advantages, has a very obvious disadvantage. That is the ordinary precision bright tube, which has certain requirements for the environment to be used. For example, in some boilers and combustion chambers, piping systems are required to deliver fuel. In these places, the temperature is very high due to the burning of the fuel. Even if the precision bright tube itself has a high melting point, it may not be able to adapt to such a high temperature. Once the temperature in the environment is used, the limit of the pipeline is almost reached, and the performance of the pipeline is greatly reduced.

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