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Types and Uses of Carbon Steel

Date:2021-12-22    keywords: carbon steel type and use
Carbon steel is a type of steel with a carbon content of more than 0.02% and less than 2% (more than 2% is called cast iron, and less than 0.02% is called wrought iron), and has very few other elements. It is also the metal material with the highest output. , Steel with relatively high other components (excluding impurities) is called alloy steel.

It is usually used on metal parts that require strength, hardness and wear resistance, such as cutting tools, steel cables, piano wires, springs and knives, etc. After being processed, the parts usually need to be processed and tempered. The higher the carbon content of steel, the higher its hardness, strength and wear resistance after heat treatment. Carbon steel is divided into high-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel and low-carbon steel. These three kinds of carbon steel are divided into two kinds; according to their characteristics, high-carbon steel is hard and brittle, and low-carbon steel is soft and ductile.

PMC carbon steel seamless pipe

1. The carbon content of 0.6%~2% is called high carbon steel.

High-carbon steel refers to steel with a long tempering time and high carbon content. The main uses are general bearings, knives, rails, steel frame molds (used to mold steel), and steel doors.

It can be divided into:

Ultra-high carbon high-carbon steel: steel that has a slightly longer tempering time than high-carbon steel, and is mainly used as steel bricks for general construction.
Low- and high-carbon steel: A steel whose tempering time is slightly shorter than that of high-carbon steel (not medium-carbon steel). It is mainly used to make metal pipes. Carbon steel

2. The carbon content of 0.3% to 0.6% is called medium carbon steel.

Medium-carbon steel refers to a steel with a short tempering time, a moderate carbon content, and properties between high-carbon steel and low-carbon steel. The main purpose is to make stainless steel.

It can be divided into:
High-carbon medium-carbon steel: The main purpose is to manufacture base materials that require high pressure and wear resistance, such as general mechanical casings.
Low-carbon medium-carbon steel: The main use is cast stainless steel.

3. The carbon content of 0.02%~0.3% is called low carbon steel.

Low-carbon steel is a carbon steel with a short tempering time. It is soft, stamping-resistant and ductile. Its main purpose is to manufacture steel bars, stamping-resistant parts, special steels, etc.

It can be divided into:

Ordinary low-carbon steel: The main purpose is the manufacture of steel bars, casting materials, construction steel (mild steel seamless pipe), steel plates, etc.

Ultra-low carbon steel: The main purpose is stamping resistant parts, aircraft steel structures, etc.

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