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Thick-walled Seamless Steel Pipe Knowledge

Date:2018-11-28    keywords:seamless steel pipe
The thick-walled seamless steel pipe production line is characterized by long production line, many transmission equipment, strict tension control requirements, easy deviation of the strip, and continuous production. During the finish rolling process, the local area enters the upper limit of the non-recrystallization zone and the two-phase zone of the austenitic seamless steel pipe manufacturer in advance. The size and uniformity of the ferrite grains obtained by rolling in the non-recrystallization zone are related to the total deformation amount and the pass reduction rate at the rolling stage. 

When the total deformation amount and the pass reduction ratio are larger, the ferrite is obtained. The finer and evener the body grains. The local area, that is, the crack opening and the middle part thereof, enters earlier than the base side due to supercooling, so the ferrite grains of the crack at the opening are finer, the grain size of the matrix is ??not changed much, and the difference between the two causes the rolling crack. .

The continuous hot-dip galvanizing production line of thick-walled seamless steel pipe is divided into three parts: the inlet section, the process section and the inlet section according to the production process. The function of the inlet section is 45# seamless steel pipe to ensure the continuous feeding of the steel strip in the process section. The main equipments include unwinding machine, welding machine, 1#S roll and inlet looper; the process section equipment has 2#S roll, furnace roll, furnace tweezers, zinc pots, air knives, 3#S rolls, this section requires thick-walled seamless steel tubes to run at a constant speed, the galvanized layer is thin and uniform; the inlet section is to roll the zinc-plated steel strip into coils and ensure Continuous production, the main equipment is the inlet looper, 4#S roller, roll front pinch roller, coiler and so on.

At the same time it is also the best choice for liquid transport steel pipes, but as time goes on, the probability of steel pipe damage is also very high. At this time, the role of thick-walled seamless steel pipes became apparent. Thick-walled seamless steel pipe is the main pipe used to transport liquids today. Its strength is higher than that of ordinary steel pipes, corrosion resistance is also enhanced, and the service life is increased by ten times.

In addition, it is the main material for making the drive shaft on the car. After all, the strength of the thick-walled seamless steel pipe is very high, and the manufactured transmission shaft will not be easily deformed, which can completely ensure the safety of driving. It can be seen that the help of thick-walled seamless steel pipes for our lives is also very large.

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