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The Use Of Round Seamless Steel Tubes In Life

Date:2018-11-06    keywords:seamless steel pipe
The seamless steel tubes that are common in our lives are round-tube type. So, do you know what it is used in our lives?

When it comes to the use of seamless steel pipes, we are most familiar with the fluid transportation of natural gas, water and other daily life. In addition to these common and well-known natural gas and water transportation, seamless steel pipes are also widely used to transport oil, gas and certain solid materials. Pipeline transportation realized by seamless steel pipes facilitates people's modern life and greatly reduces the transportation cost of natural resources.

Secondly, because the seamless steel pipe is hollow, its quality is much lighter than that of the ssaw steel pipe, and it is naturally more economical. Therefore, it plays an important structural part and component in the manufacture of drill pipes and bicycle frames such as automobile transmission shafts and petroleum. Character. At the same time, it also reduces unnecessary waste of resources and reduces the total weight of finished products.

In addition to it, it is often used as a raw material for toroidal metal parts, which not only saves a lot of complicated processes, but also greatly reduces the steel loss in the production process and saves production costs. This kind of processing principle is not difficult to understand. It is similar to the cutting of the spinach. A knife can be cut quickly to get a ring small ring part to minimize the loss.

The above is a seamless steel pipe with a circular cross section. This circular seamless steel pipe is not perfect. It has poor bending resistance and cannot withstand large forces. Therefore, it is in the framework and furniture of agricultural machinery. When used, the seamless steel tube is forged into a square, rectangular or profiled steel tube to increase its compressive strength.

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