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The Difference between Structural Pipe and Fluid Pipe

Date:2021-08-27    keywords:structural pipe, fluid pipe

Structural Pipe

Structural pipe is a general structural steel pipe, referred to as structural pipe. This standard applies to seamless steel pipes for general structures and mechanical structures, and the fluid seamless steel pipe standard applies to general seamless steel pipes that transport fluids. Structural pipes are steel pipes used to build various structures, because they are used to build various structures and need to achieve several characteristics.

1. The pressure-bearing capacity should be good, and no fracture should occur, otherwise the entire construction of the project will be affected if an accident occurs.
2. Convenient to build, just need to build according to general standards and it can be completed quickly.
3. Durable, it can be used for a long time after the project is completed, and it will not be damaged and worn for a long time.

seamless structural pipe

Fluid Pipe

Fluid pipes are steel pipes used to transport various liquids and gases such as oil, gas, natural gas, and water. Because it is used for transportation, the fluid pipe also has its own remarkable characteristics.

1. Good airtightness, leakage is not allowed during transportation, otherwise the gas leaks and the consequences are unimaginable.
2. To prevent corrosion, because many transported objects are corrosive, if corrosion occurs, the entire project will be affected.
3. The smoothness of the tube is very strict, and it must meet the requirements before it can be made into a fluid tube.

Because fluid pipes and structural pipes belong to steel pipes, and their appearance is very similar. Can structural pipes and fluid pipes be shared? What is the difference in use?

First of all, strictly speaking, they cannot be shared. The structural pipe requires good pressure-bearing capacity, while the fluid pipe requires good sealing performance. Therefore, there is a big difference in the use of the two. Try not to use the wrong area. . Secondly, structural pipes have higher requirements for cost, otherwise some steel pipes will be easily damaged if their corrosion resistance or pressure bearing capacity is not up to standard. If the fluid pipe is used to transport water and food, the sanitary requirements are relatively strict. Finally, it can be shared under special circumstances, and some features are the same, as long as the environmental requirements are not too harsh, they can be shared.

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