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The Background and Classification of Upset Tubing

Date:2021-06-02    keywords: upset tubing

Upset tubing, as the name suggests, is to thicken the tubing to make the tubing more robust and durable. The thickness of a standard pipe is not increased randomly. Increasing randomly may cause cracks or brittle fractures due to changes in the stress structure of the pipe body. Any thickening of the tubing must be thickened after in-depth research and design verification.

Casing pipe

In offshore oil, many buried submarine pipelines are immersed in seawater for a long time, and are subject to the impact of seabed sediment and huge seawater to produce various erosions and impacts, which will cause great damage to the external pipe wall and shorten its life. Inside the oil pipeline, complex crude oil with high temperature, high heat, high corrosion, oil, gas and water combination is transported at a relatively fast speed. Long-term transportation will cause different degrees of corrosion or perforation in the inner pipe, making it difficult to repair the crude oil leakage, which makes it difficult to repair A large amount of crude oil leaks, and the recovery cost is high, causing huge pollution to the ocean and causing direct economic losses. For land oil pipelines buried in the ground for a long time, the erosion of various humid environments and the decomposition of microorganisms will cause great harm to the quality and efficiency of the oil pipeline. Once it is leaked because it is in the living circle of people's activities, accidentally it will cause an explosion and even a lot of pollution, which will seriously endanger human life, health and living environment. 

The upset tubing was developed under the background of this era. The purpose is to alleviate the oil loss and serious environmental pollution in a timely and effective manner. The laying of upset tubing makes it possible whether you are in the ocean or buried in the ground. Will make upset tubing safer, more reliable, and better. The landing of thicker oil pipes has produced strong social reactions. Oil delivery has been greatly increased, and production capacity has risen rapidly.

Upset tubing classification:

Thickened oil pipelines are divided into marine special pipelines, land special pipelines, and special environment special pipelines. In the vast ocean, marine special pipelines are used for offshore and offshore pipelines to effectively reduce corrosion and increase service life; use special pipelines on land , Can greatly exert the function and role of the oil pipeline. The special tube is used in highly severe environments such as strong acids and alkalis, and has good resistance to these highly corrosive environments and a long-term preventive mechanism.

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