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Testing Method of Oil Casing Pipe

Date:2019-12-04    keywords:casing pipe,testing method
The detection methods of oil casing pipe are:
1. Ultrasonic inspection

When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the tested material, the acoustic characteristics of the material and changes in the internal tissues have a certain effect on the propagation of the ultrasonic wave. The degree and condition of the ultrasonic wave are detected to understand the changes in the properties and structure of the material.

2. Ray inspection

Radiographic inspection is based on the difference in the amount of radiation transmitted through the normal part and the defect, resulting in a difference in blackness on the negative.

3. Penetration testing
The penetration test uses the capillary action of the liquid to infiltrate the penetrating liquid into the open defects on the surface of the solid material, and then suck the penetrating penetrating liquid to the surface through the imaging agent to show the existence of defects.

4. Magnetic particle detection

Magnetic particle detection is to use magnetic leakage at the defect to absorb magnetic particles and form magnetic marks to provide defect display. Surface and subsurface defects can be detected. The nature of the defect is easy to identify. The paint and plating surface do not affect the detection sensitivity.
5. Eddy current detection
Eddy current testing mainly uses eddy currents induced in the workpiece by ferromagnetic coils to analyze the internal quality of the workpiece and detect surface and near surface defects of various conductive materials.
6. Magnetic leakage detection
The magnetic leakage detection of petroleum casing is based on the high permeability of ferromagnetic materials. The quality of in-service petroleum casing is measured by measuring the permeability change caused by defects in ferromagnetic materials.
7. Magnetic memory test
Magnetic memory detection is derived from the relationship between the physical nature of the magnetic phenomenon of metals and the dislocation process. It has many advantages such as high efficiency, low cost, no grinding, etc., and has important and extensive application prospects in industry.

The above are the main detection methods of petroleum casing.

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