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Stainless Steel Pipe Caps

Date:2017-08-01    keywords:stainless steel pipe caps, stainless steel
Stainless steel pipe caps are also known as plugs or heads. Uses: welded to the stainless steel pipe end or installed in the pipe end of the external thread to cover the tube pipe fittings. Used to close the pipe, the role of the same with the plug.

The cap includes a convex cap, a conical shell, a variable diameter section, a flat cover and a compression port.
The male cap includes a hemispherical cap, an oval cap, a disc cap and a ball crown cap. From the perspective of force from the perspective of the cap from the hemispherical cap gradually bad, but from the manufacturing point of view, gradually good manufacturing.

Stainless steel pipe caps sorting according to the connection points
1, Ordinary cap
2, Threaded cap
3, Tube cap
4, Clamp cap
5, Socket cap
6, Adhesive cap
7, Hot-melt pipe cap
8, Apron connection cap

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