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Significance of Heat Treatment Process for Oil Casing Pipe

Date:2020-07-28    keywords:oil casing pipe, heat treatment
In addition to being used for oil extraction, the emergence of oil casing pipe can also be used as a pipeline for transporting raw materials. In order to enhance the quality of oil casing, every link in the production process is particularly important, especially the temperature control during the period. Regulations are mastered. Under normal circumstances, the oil casing pipe adopts the sub-temperature quenching method instead of the ordinary quenching method, because the ordinary quenching method will cause a large amount of residual stress inside the workpiece, thereby expanding the brittleness, and subsequent processing is not so convenient Up. The sub-temperature quenching is to prevent the excessive brittleness of the oil casing from affecting the subsequent process. The main operation method is to first select the heating temperature of sub-temperature quenching, usually between 740-810℃, and the heating time is generally about 15 minutes. After quenching, tempering is carried out. The heating time for tempering is 50 minutes, and the temperature should be 630℃. Of course, each steel has its own heating temperature and time during heat treatment. As long as it can improve and improve the performance of the workpiece, then the purpose of heat treatment is achieved.

Heat treatment is the most important process in the processing of oil casing. Whether the performance and quality of the finished product can meet the standard depends mostly on the results of heat treatment. Therefore, all manufacturers have very strict requirements for the heat treatment process, and they dare not be negligent. Sometimes it can also be quenched by low-temperature quenching. Low-temperature quenching can effectively remove the residual stress of the petroleum casing, not only reduces the degree of deformation of the workpiece after quenching, but also can process the petroleum casing into a more suitable raw material for the later process. Therefore, the current achievements of oil casing are inseparable from heat treatment. Since the process of heat treatment, whether it is impact toughness, damage resistance or tensile strength of oil casing, it has greatly improved improve.

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