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Seamless Tube Manufacturers Talk About The Seamless Meaning

Date:2019-01-16    keywords:seamless steel pipe, welded pipe
Seamless steel tubes are very rapid and changeable in the development process, so there are more problems. As a relatively important market development of the seamless steel pipe industry, it should be combined with the actual development of its own, using technology and other means to ensure its quality, and then for the seamless steel pipe industry can have a faster development. This is of great significance for the economic improvement and the development of the construction industry.

Compared with welded steel pipes, the seamless steel pipe has a certain degree of floating above its cost. However, it can bring us more convenience during the application process. Simply speaking, in terms of no leakage, cold bending and no change in shape, most of the quality requirements of general steel pipes are impossible to reach, so we have industrial components that require very high demand for steel pipes for hydraulic components. Inside, you can often see its excellent performance. Therefore, precision steel pipes are more and more accepted by people, and the market prospect is better.

With the development of the times, seamless steel pipes play a very important role in the construction, industry, and transportation industries. Ordinary steel pipes are not compatible with the bending, torsional strength and toughness due to the difference in process and material. The following seamless tube manufacturers will tell you about the tensile test during the production process.

In the tensile strength (σb) of the specimen during the stretching process, the maximum force (Fb) that is subjected to the breaking, divided by the original cross-sectional area (So) of the specimen (σ), is called tensile strength. Strength (σb) in N/mm2 (MPa). It represents the maximum ability of a metal material to resist damage under tensile forces. The calculation formula is: where: Fb--the maximum force to be taken when the sample is broken, N (Newton); So--the original cross-sectional area of the sample, mm2. 2 yield point (σs) Metal material with yielding phenomenon, the force of the sample does not increase (maintains constant) during the stretching process, and the stress at the time of elongation can be continued, which is called the yield point. If the force drops, the upper and lower yield points should be distinguished.

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