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Requirements of Stainless Steel Tube Polishing Machine

Date:2017-07-25    keywords:stainless steel tube polishing machine, stainless steel tube polishing
Stainless steel tube polishing machine with high efficiency, good surface roughness, stable performance. The machine wheel speed control (optional), so regardless of the size of the workpiece diameter, how much length, can get the ideal processing efficiency. The use of multi-stage polished layout, into the volume can be individually adjusted; host polishing head with a separate fully enclosed chassis, often need to adjust the parts are designed into a valve, easy to change, open appearance can choose a variety of polishing process specifications; Polishing head for a variety of abrasive installation and adjustment, and throwing size specifications range, can be completed a variety of abrasive combination of polishing; stainless steel tube polishing machine feed frame with a chain drive, with small size, reliable transmission Etc.

Stainless steel tube polishing machine polishing requirements, to achieve automatic surface polishing, suitable for small parts, metal parts automatically polished surface gloss and remove the burr. One person can operate multiple devices. Mainly for handicraft processing plants, metal processing plants, sanitary processing plants and other customer groups to use. Such equipment is relatively simple operation, the operator skills required low, can improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save production costs, improve product quality, reduce product quality differences.

The details of requirements:
1. Finished product to remove burrs;
2. Surface corrosion treatment;
3. Finished surface finish;
4. Polished cleaning work;
5. Finished surface finish
6. Remove the oxide film (does not damage the workpiece surface shape)

Stainless steel tube polishing machine mechanism research and system theory is lacking, China's sample stainless steel tube polishing machine design and development should be suitable for China's specific national conditions, not only for China's vast metallographic workers on the metallographic sample stainless steel tube Polishing machine to meet the requirements of various performance, improve the quality of sample preparation and automation, and should take into account the different levels of knowledge workers need to make the device to operate simple, safe and reliable, and should consider to minimize costs and improve performance and low cost , So that the metallographic sample polishing machine in a variety of sizes, various types of enterprise laboratories have been applied and popularized to promote the development of China's metallographic career. Round pipe polishing machine can change the feed speed of the workpiece, so that the workpiece to achieve the desired grinding and polishing effect.

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