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Connection Technology and Method of Stainless Steel Pipe Thread

Date:2017-07-26    keywords:stainless steel pipe thread, stainless steel pipe connection
Threaded connection is through the internal and external pipe thread rotation will be connected to a stainless steel tube as a whole, the opposite threaded connection, usually in the other stainless steel pipe end of the processing of external thread, screw on the pipe with internal thread Accessories, and then connected with other pipe, constitute the pipeline system.

Stainless steel pipe thread connection is mainly used in the following cases:
Galvanized welded steel pipe connection.
② Design documents or construction acceptance norms allow non-galvanized welded steel pipe connections, such as water supply and drainage, heating, gas, compressed air branch and so on.
③ Connection of pipe and thread valve, instrument accessory and mechanical pipe nozzle with pipe. The pitch of the cylindrical pipe thread, the length of each thread, the length of the thread, the length of the thread, the working length of the thread and the working height are equal to those of the conical pipe thread. The diameter is equal to the diameter of the base of the conical tube.

Connection technology of stainless steel pipe thread
1. Short wire connection is the stainless steel pipe of the external thread and pipe fittings or valve parts of the internal thread of the fixed connection, to disassemble, must be removed from the beginning. When connected, according to the characteristics of the media, between the internal and external threads wrapped with linen, lead oil or PTFE film and other fillers. When winding the packing, it should be wound in the clockwise direction on the external thread. So as to make the thread more tight, get better connection strength and tightness. When connecting, first hand twist 2 ~ 3 buckle, and then tighten with a pipe clamp. It should be used with the diameter of the corresponding pipe clamp operation, moderate force, do not force too much, so as not to burst fractures, not in place and not get good tightness.

2. Filament link is one of the commonly used activities of stainless steel pipe connection. It consists of a short thread with one end for the ordinary thread (short wire) and the other end of the filament (filament root without taper) and a lock nut (root). Figure 2-57 shows an example of a filament connection. In the practical application of the need to add a wall for the ordinary thread of the tube hoop, which is a radiator into the mouth of the filament connection.

Installation: first root to the root of the root to the filament, and then do not wrap the filament will be screwed into the radiator fill the heart of the internal thread, this time, the other end of the filament wrapped around the ordinary packing, (as shown in the figure). When the elbow is tightened, the root of the long thread is rotated to the center of the heat sink. Threading pipe hoop) 3 ~ 5mm department, and then in the gap wrapped in the amount of filler, winding direction with the root of the same direction, to prevent loose, and then tighten the root with a pipe clamp, packing packing. Wire, and the installation sequence is the opposite of the first loose root mother, remove the filler, the filament into the radiator fill heart or ordinary thread tube hoop, this time, ordinary thread (short wire) that exit, and then long Silk to exit, to complete the demolition. Filament connection cost is low, simple and easy, but also more beautiful. The disadvantage is that the root of the filler easily leaked in the absence of radiator fill and ordinary thread tube hoop, can not use filament, can only use the union.

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