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Process Requirements for Seamless Steel Tubes

Date:2019-07-23    keywords:seamless steel tube,process
In terms of the connection method, the seamless pipe can achieve the basic level of seamless welding through a new welding method. The conditions of his free cutting and the different appearance shapes can satisfy the aesthetics of each building and the needs of various industries. These are the 

fundamental advantages of its market.

In the process of purchasing goods, consumers must have clear shopping goals. For a variety of manufacturers to have a comprehensive understanding, in order to allow a large number of seamless steel pipe products, get good quality maintenance. In terms of construction, professional technicians 
can carry out effective operation of products according to different market types, in order to achieve the maintenance of the highest product strength. He can guarantee the quality, guarantee the distribution price of his products, and apply it to various industry fields to achieve the fundamental 
goal of the expansion of the project distribution platform.

    1. The quality of the pipe and intermediate pipe of the seamless steel pipe is unqualified, and the geometrical dimensions are not satisfactory. The longitudinal and transverse wall thicknesses are severely uneven, the bending and ellipticity are too large, the chemical composition is incompatible, 
and the mechanical properties are not. 
    2. Failure to comply with the operating procedures for each preparatory process before drawing seamless steel tubes. The main ones are incorrect hammer process, improper chemical treatment and heat treatment, burrs at the pipe end, low quality of grinding, and defects in transportation.
    3. Failure to follow the procedures for the extubation process. The performance is inconsistent in the center line of the seamless steel pipe, the installation of the extruding die is not correct, the opening speed is too fast, the tool is improperly matched, the diameter of the mandrel rod is too large or too small, the deformation is too large, and the mandrel is not fed in time. 
    4. The quality of the extruding die and the mandrel are not good, including poor finish, low hardness and strength, inconsistent size, incorrect mounting of the carbide die, etc.
    5. The tube puller is out of repair. For example, the inclination of the extubation trolley, the mold base or the extubation die itself is not installed on the center frame. Seamless tubes must use materials. Different manufacturers have different standards. Some manufacturers use materials without better strength. Some manufacturers also do not have good corrosion resistance. It has a great quality impact when used, and of course, the price of the product will vary greatly depending on the material. Therefore, when users choose this product, they should not be too greedy for the price.

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