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Pressure Pipeline of LSAW Steel Pipe

Date:2018-07-06    keywords:lsaw steel pipe, pressure pipeline
1. Definition of lsaw steel pipe pressure pipeline
LSAW steel pipe pressure piping should include all straight seam steel pipe pipes that use pressure to deliver gas or liquid. From the point of view of safety production, it is the name of the straight seam steel pipe pressure vessel. Therefore, it is not a pressure pipe in a simple sense. The possibility of accidents and the hazard of the accident define the scope of the straight seam steel pipe pressure pipe. The pressure line uses a certain pressure, a tubular device for conveying gas or liquid, a liquid medium having a temperature higher than or equal to the standard boiling point, and a pipe having a nominal diameter of more than 25 mm. Straight seam steel pipe pressure equipment, in addition to its own blasting, will also cause explosions and fires due to leakage of the medium.
2. Application of lsaw steel pipe pressure pipeline
LSAW steel pipe pressure piping is an important part of the production process, mainly using a certain pressure, as well as the role of distributing, metering, controlling and cutting the flow medium.
Transportation is one of the five major transportation industries along with railway, highway, water and shipping. Straight seam steel pipe pressure pipes are widely used in chemical, petroleum, electric power, metallurgy, city gas and heating systems, high temperature, corrosive, toxic and radioactive media, and the quantity and quality of straight seam steel pipe applications are important. status.
3, Composition of lsaw steel pipe pressure pipeline
The pipeline consists of straight seam steel pipe, pipe support and so on. Used to transport, distribute, control or stop fluid flow.
The pipe system is referred to as the pipe system and is a plurality of pipes divided according to fluid design conditions. Pipe components and straight seam steel pipes are called pressure pipe components. They are flanges, gaskets, tight parts, valves and special parts for pipes that are connected or assembled into pipes.

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