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Precision Stainless Steel Tubing

Date:2017-08-03    keywords:precision stainless steel tubing, stainless steel tubing
Precision stainless steel tubing, also known as stainless steel precision tube, also known as precision tube. In the process of making precision stainless steel tubing in terms of the smoothness of the appearance or in the wall thickness, diameter tolerance range, are more accurate than the average stainless steel tube to a lot. According to the most basic standards, precision stainless steel tubing can basically achieve the accuracy of ± 0.05mm- ± 0.15mm. Here the scope of the tolerance I also briefly explain. General caliber is relatively small, thin wall thickness of the tube tolerance are basically in the ± 0.05mm. And relatively large diameter stainless steel pipe tolerance range is basically ± 0.05mm- ± 0.15mm. Appearance is also very bright basic can reach the equivalent of 150-200 between the mesh.

Precision stainless steel tubing with excellent mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance, more prominent cold deformation capacity, non-magnetic, so widely used in aviation, aerospace, ship and medical equipment and other fields. But the precision stainless steel pipe cutting performance is much worse than the carbon steel.

Precision stainless steel tubing cutting with a serious hardening, cutting temperature is high, not easy to chip, easy sticks knife, tool wear and other characteristics, to the cutting process has brought great difficulties. In order to solve the above problems, we must choose a new process, after analysis and testing, the researchers use CNC machining equipment, the use of high-quality drill, optimize the amount of cutting to ensure product quality requirements and improve the efficiency of production. Drilling of small holes can be done with drilling machines, milling machines, CNC equipment and so on. For small group hole machining machine must have high sensitivity and easy to operate control and other characteristics, and should meet the spindle speed, and a wide range of speed, preferably equipped with automatic drilling system monitoring system, through the process experiment, the researchers selected Coordinate machining center is more appropriate. Deburring, manual, mechanical, electrochemical, ultrasonic and other methods, and for stainless steel, its toughness is strong, not easy to chip, chip adhesion, electrochemical and other methods are not easy to use burrs, while more than 2,500 Holes in the hole of the burrs only by hand to the burr is also difficult to do, and the operator's labor intensity is great.

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