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Precautions for Pickling of Seamless Pipes

Date:2022-05-13    keywords: seamless pipe pickling
Precautions for pickling of seamless pipes (SMLS):

The first thing to pay attention to is the need to pay attention to the content of acid substances in the pickling process used in rust removal. After practice, it is found that the acid content of 18% is the best. Although the seamless steel pipe can be placed in a humid environment, in order to avoid the electrolyte adhering to the surface of the seamless steel pipe, friends also need to place it in a dry environment.

The maintenance of seamless steel pipes in the later period is actually quite important, especially after leaving the factory. The most important step is pickling. Since it is treated with chemical elements, you need to pay attention to your own safety in terms of safety protection. Especially for the staff, the necessary protective equipment needs to be worn well, and the same environment should also be carefully inspected. You can't just care about one point, but check it several times to see if the protective sling of the steel pipe is strong. After this series of inspections are in good condition, the work can be carried out.

seamless steel pipe

Pickling, there is no doubt that the raw materials are mainly acid, but the content of acid should not be too strong, not more than 20%. When the staff is operating and cleaning, they must first understand the acid concentration and the tonnage and area of the steel pipe. Similarly, while understanding these, it is necessary for the staff to master the cleaning time. Because when cleaning, the cleaning time is determined according to the weight of the steel pipe. You can't wash it for a long time, and you should grasp the time of washing well.

Also, during the cleaning process, vibration is inevitable. Especially when the lower pipe enters the acid tank, the steel pipe will inevitably tilt. At this time, special attention should be paid to avoid the splash of hydrochloric acid, which may accidentally injure the people next to it. During pickling, unrelated personnel should not approach the pickling project to avoid accidents. Wastewater treatment, it cannot be discharged into the soil, because it will pollute the soil quality.

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