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Polishing Performance of 304 Stainless Steel Pipe

Date:2017-11-14    keywords:polishing, 304 stainless steel pipe
Polishing performance factors of 304 stainless steel pipe are the following:
① Raw surface defects. Such as scratches, pitting, too pickling and so on.
② 304 stainless steel pipe material problems. Hardness is too low, polishing is not easy to throw bright (BQ sex is not good), and the hardness is too low, the surface is prone to orange peel deep drawing phenomenon, thus affecting the BQ sex. BQ hardness is relatively good.
③ After deep drawing products, the deformation of the surface area will be a great small black spots and ridging, thus affecting the BQ sex. Weldability of different uses of stainless steel welding performance requirements vary. A class of tableware on the welding performance generally do not require, and even part of the pot companies. However, most products require raw material welding performance, such as two types of tableware, mugs, steel pipes, water heaters, drinking fountains and so on.

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