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Oil Casing In-Plant Inspection: Defect Handling

Date:2020-03-19    keywords:oil casing,defect handling

Oil casing pipe in-plant inspection: defect handling

Various defects found in the pipe body or pipe end that affect the performance of the pipe, such as pits, cracks, folds, bumps, bumps, gouges, delaminations, hairlines, etc., if the depth of the defects does not exceed the entire pipe 10% of the wall thickness can be removed by manual grinding, and the smooth transition between the ground and the pipe can be achieved.

During the inspection, if the depth of the pipe body defect is found to exceed 10% of the wall thickness of the whole pipe body, the root pipe shall be judged as unqualified; if such an over-standard defect is found at the pipe end, it shall be marked and mechanically removed.

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