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Measures that the Oil Casing Plant can Take on the Production Line

Date:2020-07-07    keywords:casing plant, casing production line
In order to maintain the heating temperature of the petroleum casing pipe during rapid heat treatment, the heating temperature is evenly distributed along the longitudinal direction of the steel to obtain stable heat treatment products. The following measures should be taken on the production line.
(1) The use of advanced and reliable heating temperature control system, temperature and power closed-loop self-made system is currently the best temperature control system. The control content includes elements related to the heating temperature, such as power and steel speed, which can achieve precise control of the heating temperature.
(2) The advanced steel conveying mechanism shall be adopted. The conveying mechanism shall ensure that the steel, steel pipes and large-size bars shall rotate at a uniform speed. The transmission mechanism should be driven by frequency converter to improve the stability and reliability of the mechanism. This is one of the important conditions for ensuring uniform longitudinal temperature of the phase material during rapid heating.

(3) The computer is used to comprehensively control the uniformity of the heating temperature of the steel. Through analysis, it can be concluded that the main factors affecting the uniformity of the temperature of the induction-heated steel are the transmission wheel speed, rotating roller speed, heating power, steel head-to-tail connection, etc. Handle the coordination relationship among temperature, speed and power.
(4) The use of continuous heating steel connection technology uses the connection technology to improve the phenomenon of low steel temperature and improve the steel yield. Use the computer to control the head and tail technology of the steel; use the dual-frequency power supply to control the temperature difference at the end of the steel tube; use the rotary joint to achieve continuous progress, etc. to improve the longitudinal temperature uniformity of the steel.

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