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Is Seamless Pipe more Expensive?

Date:2022-01-04    keywords: seamless pipe

Seamless pipes (smls pipe) are more expensive than welded pipes, but they are stronger. The ASME rated working pressure of seamless steel pipes is usually 20% higher than that of welded steel pipe piles. Since the risk of impurities at the joint is lower, it also has higher corrosion resistance or damage resistance. It is specifically manifested in the following aspects:

seamless steel pipe

1. Material selection

The raw material of seamless steel pipes is round steel. Good round steel grades, especially tube billet steel, have less impurities and good forging effects, so the yield will naturally be higher.
Raw material of welded pipe(erw/ssaw /lsaw): steel plate or strip steel.

2. Seamless pipe processing

The seamless steel pipe is formed in one step during rolling. The processing of seamless steel pipes is changed from solid round steel to hollow round rods. In the process of perforating, it needs to be cut and high temperature. In the process of pickling, it needs the treatment of waste water and slag. In the process of annealing, it is used It is natural gas, etc., each process requires post-sequence processing, and also consumes a lot of money.

Welded pipe is a steel pipe made of steel plate or strip steel after crimping and welding. Generally, spiral welding and direct welding are used. The production process is simple, the production efficiency is high, the varieties and specifications are many, and the equipment investment is small, so the price is cheap.

3. Finished product

The compression resistance of seamless steel pipes is good, and the welded pipes are generally around 10 MPa. The performance of seamless pipes is better, and of course the price is higher. Seamless steel pipes of different materials can be applied to many fields and have a wide range of applications.

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