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IS 4923 Hollow Steel Sections for Structural

Date:2017-08-18    keywords:IS 4923 Hollow Steel Sections for Structural
IS 4923: Hollow steel sections for structural use.
IS 4923 standard covers the requirements for hotand cold formed square and rectangular hollowsteel sections for structural use. 

The hollow sections shall be manufactured from steel made by any approved process which, shall show not more than 0.050 percent of sulphur and not more than 0.050 percent of phosphorus.
NOTE- ‘Ihe copper bearing steel may be used in manufacturing the sections subject to mutual agreement between the manufacturer and the purchaser. Copper content to range between 0.20 to 0.35 percent. 

The tubes shall be supplied either in finish straightened or mill straightened condition as agreed to between the purchaser and the manufacturer for which maximum deviation from straightness shall be as under. For tubes in finish straightened condition 1/6OOth of length at the centre of the length. 

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