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Date:2020-07-22    keywords:ASTM A53 GR.A, ASTM A53 GR.B
ASTM A53 American standard (non-plated and hot-dip galvanized welded and seamless nominal steel pipe), ASTM A53 is the executive standard for steel pipes, and Gr.B is the steel grade (level) of steel pipes

According to the standard name: Both welded pipe and seamless pipe can be produced, depending on customer requirements.

A53-F corresponds to China’s Q235 material, A53-A corresponds to China’s 10# material, and A53-B corresponds to China’s 20# material.

ASTM A53 Gr.A Gr.B welded pipe is mainly used for conveying water, gas, air oil, heating water or steam and other generally lower pressure fluids and other purposes. Representative material Q235 steel. GB/T32-1993 (Galvanized welded steel pipe for low pressure fluid transportation). Mainly used for conveying water gas, air oil, heating hot water or steam and other generally lower pressure fluids and other purposes. GB/T31-1993 (Galvanized welded steel pipe for low pressure fluid transportation).

A53 Gr.B is the material under the American steel pipe standard, API 5L Gr.B is also the American standard material, A53 GR.B ERW refers to the electric resistance welded steel pipe of A53 GR.B; API 5L GR.B Welded refers to the material Welded steel pipe of API 5L GR.B.

Welded steel pipes refer to steel pipes with seams on the surface that are welded by steel strips or steel plates that are bent into round or square shapes. The billet used for welded steel pipe is steel plate or strip steel. Since the 1930s, with the rapid development of high-quality strip continuous rolling production and the advancement of welding and inspection technology, the quality of welds has been continuously improved, and the variety and specifications of welded steel pipes have increased, and they have replaced non-metallic steel in more and more fields. Seam the steel pipe. Welded steel pipes have lower cost and higher production efficiency than seamless steel pipes.

The American Society for Testing and Materials standard is Grade B in the A53 steel pipe standard. There are three types of A53: seamless steel pipe, electric resistance welded pipe, and furnace welded pipe. The first two are divided into A and B levels. For the specific one, you need to see the material certificate. The chemical composition is shown in the figure below.

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