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How To Simplify The Trading Process Of Stainless Steel Welded Pipe

Date:2018-12-28    keywords:seamless pipe, stainless steel pipe
Stainless steel welded pipe is a hollow long round steel, which is widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, mechanical instrumentation and other industrial conveying pipelines and mechanical structural components. In addition, when the bending and torsional strength are the same, the weight is light, so it is also widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures.

Stainless steel welded pipe and seamless pipe plays an important role in economic construction due to its excellent corrosion resistance. It is widely used in ships, vehicles, automobiles, aerospace, bridges, buildings, pressure vessels, storage tanks, construction machinery, pipelines and household appliances. . Welding is the most important and essential processing technique in stainless steel processing. The number, variety and specifications of welded parts are constantly increasing, and the requirements for welding process and quality are also increasing.

According to statistics, except for some enterprises in some regions that have stopped production and the factory has suddenly started to fall, the special situation of one city and one place is not enough to affect the domestic pipe market. At present, the downstream pipe plant starts at 80% normal level. The raw material, that is, the low inventory of strip steel, is the generality of the downstream pipe factory, and most of them are kept at the level of several thousand. Although the demand side is generally normal, but from the actual market transactions in the last weekend, it can be seen that at a certain price low, traders and pipe factories have a certain stage of replenishment willingness, the previous price is low (Ruifeng retail factory 2670 Yuan) still showed some resilience in the short term. In addition to the eleven small holidays, the stage market may be expected.

The mature direction of the stainless steel welded pipe steel e-commerce platform is based on the online trading platform. At the same time, it has opened a payment and settlement platform, a multi-faceted warehousing and logistics platform, an online financing service platform, and derivative values under big data to form a steel production enterprise. The “closed loop” of trading companies, end users, warehousing companies, processing enterprises, logistics companies, banks, insurance, etc., which interact and supervise each other, can simplify the transaction process, improve the efficiency of market transactions, reduce transaction costs, and control risk.

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