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How to Know Whether the Seamless Tube Meets the Standard?

Date:2021-07-20    keywords:seamless tube, high-pressure seamless boiler
The properties and functions of seamless steel tubes. When seamless steel tubes are made, different materials are used, and seamless steel tubes have different properties. For example, the most common seamless steel tubes in life are used in high-pressure boilers. The pressure and temperature of the high-pressure boiler are high. In this state, the seamless steel tubes are likely to be oxidized and corroded. Material and thermal processing technology have new requirements. Generally speaking, seamless steel tubes are required to have good compactness and corrosion resistance during use.

Secondly, for the use and production of seamless steel tubes, there are generally certain requirements for its roughness. Depending on the place you want to use, it is necessary to clarify these conditions to determine which seamless steel tubes to be used for use.

seamless tube

If you want to determine the quality of seamless steel tubes, whether they meet the standards you require, how to identify low-quality seamless steel pipes, and purchase high-quality seamless steel tubes, you must pay attention to the following points:

1. Whether there are scars on the surface of seamless steel tube.
2. Whether the seamless steel pipe is folded.
3. Whether the product is prone to burrs.
4. Whether there is pitting on the surface of seamless steel tube.
5. Whether there are cracks on the surface of the tube.
6. Whether the cross section of the tube is regular.
7. Whether the composition of the steel is uniform, and whether the end face of the cutting head is smooth and neat.

8. Whether the inner diameter of seamless steel tube fluctuates too much.

Tips: Seamless boiler tube is a kind of boiler tube, which has strict requirements on the steel grade and technology used in the manufacture of steel pipes. High-pressure boiler tubes are often in high-temperature and high-pressure conditions when used, and the tubes will be oxidized and corroded under the action of high-temperature flue gas and water vapor. The steel pipe is required to have high enduring strength, high oxidation and corrosion resistance, and good organizational stability. High-pressure boiler tubes are mainly used to manufacture superheater tubes, reheater tubes, air guide tubes, main steam tubes, etc. of high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure boilers.

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