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How to Clean the Oil Casing Bare Pipe?

Date:2020-11-27    keywords:oil casing bare pipe
About the cleaning of oil casing bare pipe:
The bare oil casing pipes are cleaned and arrive at the processing plant. Before the formal processing, the oil stain, lime soil, oxide scale rust and old coating on the inner and outer surfaces of the pipeline must be cleaned. The rust removal methods include manual, mechanical, spray, pickling, etc. In the past, the method of spraying was mainly used for rust removal of oxygen pipelines. Now, pickling is used to remove rust, and the effect is very good. When cleaning with compressed air or water, the speed of water pressure or air pressure can reach 15×20m/s, which can remove the dirt on the pipe surface, but cannot remove the rust layer, oxide scale, burr, welding tumor and casting tumor.

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