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Extrusion Control in LSAW Steel Pipe Production

Date:2018-08-29    keywords:lsaw steel pipe production
In the process of manufacturing lsaw steel pipe, lsaw steel pipe manufacturers need to have very good control of the pressing force. This is because during the welding process, when the temperature of the edge of the two tube blanks reaches the welding temperature, they should be applying a certain pressure, which allows the metal crystal grains to penetrate each other, resulting in tightly bonded crystals for the purpose of firm welding. However, if the extrusion is insufficient, the crystals are not formed well, and the strength of the welding position will be Very low, it is easy to crack due to the action of external force during use. However, when the extrusion is too large, the welding metal reaching the welding temperature will be squeezed out of the weld position, and the true welding can be the metal that reaches the temperature will be very small, so the amount of crystallization will also decrease, which will also lead to the welding is not strong enough, but also has a large burr, which is a more serious defect.

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