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How to Prevent the Deformation of Spiral Steel Pipe End

Date:2018-08-30    keywords:spiral steel pipe end
We know that the ports of spiral steel pipes should be round, affecting the installation and use of spiral steel pipes, but due to external factors and other factors, the spiral steel pipes become an ellipse, so spiral steel pipe manufacturers want to avoid such problems.

1. For spiral steel pipe manufacturers, attention should be paid to the quality of welding. It is impossible to have welding slag. High-quality wire flux is used. The technical parameters are determined according to the wall thickness of spiral steel pipe to ensure that the performance of spiral steel pipe is stable and not easily deformed.

2. When loading and unloading spiral steel pipes, it should be noted that the end of the spiral steel pipe should not be subjected to impact, such as collision with hard materials, or excessive force hitting the port during loading and unloading, which may also cause port deformation.

3. When storing spiral steel pipes, they cannot be stacked too high, and some large-diameter spiral steel pipes are supported by cross or hexagonal support to prevent port deformation.

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