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Exotic Advantages Of Spiral Submerged Arc Pipe

Date:2019-03-07    keywords:lsaw steel pipe, ssaw steel pipe
The spiral submerged arc pipe is divided into three layers from the inside to the outside. The working steel pipe layer is generally made of seamless pipe (gb8163-87) and spiral welded pipe (gb9711-88). According to the planning and customer requirements. SY t5038-92) and straight seam welded pipe (gb3092-93). After the appearance of the steel pipe is advanced by the shot blasting process, the corrosion grade of the steel pipe can reach the level of gb8923-1988 SA2, and the roughness of the surface can reach the specification of gb6060.5-88 R = 12.5 microns.

The polyurethane insulation layer is formed by injection molding a rigid polyurethane foam into a cavity between the steel pipe and the outer jacket by a high pressure foaming machine. This is the so-called tube foaming process. Its function is waterproof, the second is insulation, and the third is to support the weight of the heat network. When the medium temperature is: 50 ° C, 120 ° C, a rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer is used. High-density polyethylene protective layer Prefabricated black (yellow) plastic pipe with a certain wall thickness, its function is to protect the mechanical hard disk damage of the polyurethane insulation layer, and the second is anti-corrosion and waterproof.

The spiral pipe is used for heating (refrigeration) project, and its heat sealing effect is remarkable. It is directly used for direct burial, which not only saves energy but also reduces dross, and does not occupy the environment and beautify the environment. It is used for oil and gas transportation, can meet the requirements of long-distance transportation, avoid operation and protection, meet the requirements of heat preservation and antifreeze, reduce heating equipment, and is particularly convenient for installation and shorten the construction period.

When used for geothermal and hot spring transportation, the cooling requirements can be satisfied and the long loss can be reached. Applicable to water conservancy, mining and other areas, to meet the requirements of cold, antifreeze, anti-corrosion. In addition, the transportation of chemical raw materials has a wide use space. In total, the polyurethane direct insulation pipe has the advantages of energy saving, anti-corrosion, cold, and economical beauty. In addition, it has been widely used throughout the country and is well received by users.

Polyurethane insulation pipe adopts polyurethane insulation characteristics: the thermal conductivity is small, and the thermal conductivity of polyurethane foam is the lowest in the insulation data, which can minimize the heat loss of the data. Waterproof, anti-corrosion, high old: Because the closed cell rate of polyurethane foam is over 92%, the use of polyurethane foam as the insulation layer of buried pipeline can not only play the role of thermal insulation, but also can be used to avoid water, moisture, etc. Soaking of various corrosive liquids and gases to prevent microbial growth and development.

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