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Difference between Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe and Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe

Date:2021-03-26    keywords: carbon steel seamless pipe vs. stainless steel seamless pipe
The difference between carbon steel seamless pipe and stainless steel seamless pipe mainly refers to the difference in design rules between stainless steel and carbon steel, which means that the design rules of these two types of stainless steel pipes cannot be used in common. These differences are summarized as follows:

The design rules for stainless steel cannot be used for carbon steel because there are 3 fundamental differences between stainless steel and carbon steel:

Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe - PMC

The difference between stainless steel and carbon steel 1:
Stainless steel undergoes work hardening during cold working. For example, there is anisotropy when bending, that is, the transverse and longitudinal properties are different. The increased strength by cold working can be used, but if the bending area is small compared to the total area and this increase is neglected, the increased strength can increase the safety factor to a certain extent.

The difference between stainless steel and carbon steel 2:
The shape of the stress/strain curve is different. The elastic limit of stainless steel is about 50% of the yield stress. As far as the minimum value specified in the standard is concerned, the yield stress value is lower than that of medium carbon steel.

The difference between stainless steel and carbon steel 3:
Stainless steel has no yield point, usually expressed as ó0.2, the yield stress is considered to be an equivalent value.

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