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Comparison of ERW and LSAW Steel Pipes

Date:2020-01-13    keywords:ERW steel pipe,LSAW steel pipe,comparison
"ERW steel pipe" is a high-frequency straight seam resistance welded pipe. It is used to transport vapor and liquid objects such as oil and natural gas, and can meet various requirements of high and low pressure. At present, it plays a pivotal role in the field of transportation pipes in the world.
1. Welded pipe refers to the ordinary "submerged arc welded steel pipe", which is represented by "SC" in electrical engineering. It can be used as water gas pipe or threaded pipe, which is relatively thick.
2. The line pipe is also a wire tube, which is relatively thin. It is indicated by "T" and can only be used as a pipe.
3. The ERW pipe is a "high-frequency resistance welded steel pipe", which is different from the ordinary welding pipe welding process. The welding seam is made by melting the base metal of the steel strip body, and the mechanical strength is better than that of the ordinary welded pipe.
"LSAW steel pipe"is a straight seam submerged arc welded steel pipe. Its main technical characteristics are as follows:
1. During the steel tube forming process, the steel plate is uniformly deformed, the residual stress is small, and the surface is not scratched. The processed steel pipe has greater flexibility in the diameter and wall thickness steel pipe size specifications, especially in the production of high-steel-grade thick-walled steel pipes, especially large-caliber thick-walled pipes, which have unmatched advantages in other processes, which can meet Users have more requirements in terms of steel pipe specifications;
2. Adopting the pre-weld and then internal-outer welding (fine welding) process, welding can be achieved at the optimal position, which is not prone to defects such as misalignment, welding deviation and under-penetration, and it is easy to control the welding quality;
3. The overall mechanical diameter expansion can effectively improve the dimensional accuracy of the steel pipe and improve the distribution of stress in the steel pipe, thereby avoiding damage due to stress corrosion, and at the same time, it is beneficial to the welding construction on site;
4. Carry out 9 100% quality inspections on steel pipes, so that the entire process of steel pipe production is under effective detection and monitoring, effectively ensuring product quality;
5. All the equipment of the whole production line has the function of networking with computer data acquisition system, realizing the real-time transmission of data, and the central control room controls the production.

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