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Can Stainless Steel Tubes Be Replaced By Plastic Tubes

Date:2019-03-11    keywords:stainless steel pipes, seamless pipe
Many experts have said that in the near future, stainless steel pipes will play a more important role, replacing the plastic pipes that are now popular, and returning the water pipes to the metal age. The choice of materials in various facilities is determined by a comprehensive comparison of price and use effect, so plastic pipes have become a mainstream material in recent years.

The plastic pipe is generally made of synthetic resin, that is, polyester as a raw material, adding a stabilizer, a lubricant, a plasticizer, etc., and is extruded in a pipe making machine by a "plastic" method. Because of its light weight, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, no bad smell, easy processing and convenient construction, it has been widely used in construction engineering. It is mainly used as piping, drainage, exhaust and sewage sanitary pipes, underground drainage pipe systems, rainwater pipes, and threading pipes for installation of electric wires for house construction.

The expansion and contraction of the plastic pipe: The ends of the pipe of the modified hard PVC pipe are plugs, the pipe fittings are all sockets, and most of them are connected by socket bonding method, which is an immutable permanent connection, and the linear expansion coefficient of plastic products Larger, the length of the pipe is affected by changes in ambient temperature and sewage temperature

At the same time, the stability of the stainless steel seamless tube is also incomparable with the plastic tube, although the plastic tube can be used safely under normal circumstances, but in the extreme case, for example, when the temperature is too high or too low, the stainless steel tube They are more tolerant, so they have a wider range of applications and are more reassuring for the user to ensure that they can also work in unexpected situations.

Although China has always had a big gap with the old industrial countries in the research and development of materials, due to its huge demand, it has enough power to promote domestic improvement in the research and development of stainless steel pipes. Moreover, China has a unique advantage in raw materials, so it can do very well in the control of cost, so that not only quickly meets their own needs, but also exports a large number of stainless steel pipes produced by themselves to foreign countries.

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