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Application and Introduction of LSAW Steel Pipe in The Automotive Field

Date:2018-07-19    keywords:lsaw steel pipe in the automotive field
The main types of lsaw steel pipes for automobiles include automobile automobile silencer pipes, transmission shaft pipes, thrust pipes, condenser pipes, exhaust pipes, steering shaft pipes, and shock absorber oil storage pipes. 

The lsaw steel valve plate is composed of a vertical plate, a backing plate and a large round steel plate. The valve plate of this structure, the pad battle station board can be indirectly cut, and the small square steel plate requires the craftsperson to first calculate the blanking size, and then press the required shape to make the shaped tire, and the tire will be used. The small square steel plate is repressed and formed. The middle part of the valve plate is curved, and the edge is not a flat surface. Then it is necessary to make a tire for each specification valve, otherwise it is impossible to press out the required shape. The connecting butterfly valve butterfly valve has the advantages of old volume, heavy weight, flexible measures, convenient assembly and disassembly.

The lsaw steel pipe connecting rod butterfly valve is mainly composed of a driving device, a valve plate, a valve body, a main shaft, a rod solution and the like. The opening and closing of the valve does not depend on the drive assembly to drive the spindle to move the linkage mechanism, thereby completing the opening and closing of the valve plate. Regardless of the time the valve is closing and not closed, the valve plate and its interlocking components are always in the non-media pack. When the valve is closed, the valve plate is subjected to all the pressure of the medium, which causes the static member to deform. When the valve is closed, the valve plate is washed by the medium and the vibration of the valve plate itself caused by the fixing of the medium.

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