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API 5CT "Casing and Tubing Specification" 10th Edition New Standard

Date:2020-08-19    keywords:api 5ct, casing and tubing specification,api 5ct standard
The 46th edition of API 5B was released on December 1, 2017. The standard temporarily stated that it was officially implemented on July 1, 2018. Publication 1 will be published soon. There are too many errors in this edition of the 5B standard. You are dazzled to see, and many companies are not mentally and well prepared. The official implementation date is likely to be postponed to January 1, 2019.

The 10th edition of API 5CT "Specifications for Casing and Tubing" and the 7th edition of API TR 5C3 "Performance Calculation of Pipes Used as Tubing and Casing" were released on June 1, 2018. The API official website will be launched on June 8, and will Officially implemented on July 1, 2019.

Starting from July 1, 2019, all coupling plants, thread processing plants, heat treatment plants, and tube rolling plants that obtain API 5CT must implement the 10th version of 5CT. At that time, API auditors will also conduct audits in accordance with the new version of 5CT.

The key changes of the 2018 version of 5CT:
1. For the new requirements of large-diameter pipes, refer to the RP 5C6 pipe joint welding standard.
2. The casing of PSL 2 is no longer specifically covered by 5CT (such as guide casing)
3. The new content of converting the American customary unit system to the international unit system is used in the stress intensity factor toughness and the update of the SSC requirements
4. For vehicle transportation, the range of tube length requirements has been updated.
5. The requirements for N80 Class 1 steel grade have been updated.
6. The requirements for threading of special ends of pipes have been updated.
7. The concept of groups 1-4 is no longer reflected, and there is no argument for the number of groups.
8. The requirement of supplementary SR15 (Quality Certificate) has been removed, and new requirements for inspection and testing that can be achieved in this factory have been added.
9. Extend the triangle mark requirements. Vibration method hammer mark can be used on P110 steel pipe.
10. The quenching requirement of L80 steel grade high molecular polymer is added.
11. The hardness requirements of L80, C90, T95 and C110 have been updated to meet NACE MR0175.
12. Deleted the necking collar clause.
13. The pretreatment requirements for the inner surface of L80 13Cr have been updated.
14. The requirements for NDE inspection personnel certificates have been expanded.
15. M65 steel grade is completely eliminated from the standard.
16. According to the update of NACE requirements, the test methods involving NACE in the new standard have been updated and explained.
17. For 4-1/2, 5, and 5-1/2 casing couplings, the outer diameter and wall thickness are increased. Therefore, the calculation of the material weight increase or decrease has been updated respectively.

The 9th edition requires the outer diameter of the coupling to be 127mm, 141.3Omm, and 153.67mm respectively.

The 10th edition requires the outer diameter of the coupling to be: 133.25mm, 147.32mm, 160.02mm, and the outer diameter is 6mm more than the previous version.

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