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Advantages of LSAW Steel Pipe

Date:2020-05-25    keywords:lsaw steel pipe,advantages
In the construction of long-distance pipelines, steel pipes account for a large proportion. Generally, 35% to 40% of pipeline investment accounts for the total investment of the project. How to choose a reasonable price, excellent pipeline performance is particularly important, reasonable choice has a very important impact on saving pipeline construction investment and facilitating the construction and safe operation of the pipeline system. The advantages of LSAW steel pipe make it widely used in its unique long-distance oil and gas pipeline.

The advantages of straight seam steel pipes are:
(1) Without unwinding treatment, the base material has less indentation and less scratches.
(2) It is easy to control the perimeter of the diameter with staggered edges and grooves, and the welding quality is excellent.
(3) There is basically no residual stress after removing the opening stress.
(4) Because it is a straight weld, the weld is short, and the risk of defects is small.
(5) After pipe expansion, the improvement of the geometric accuracy of the pipeline greatly facilitates on-site welding.
(6) For straight seam, it has little effect on the quality of anti-corrosion coatings.

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