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Advantages of Hot Rolling

Date:2017-03-14    keywords:hot rolling
1. Hot-rolled process can significantly reduce consumption, reduce costs
Where it can be hot-rolled billet should be hot-rolled metal, because metal hot deformation resistance than cold-rolled low, can significantly reduce energy consumption during rolling.Normally, the finished products of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe in price is lower than cold-drawn seamless steel pipe.

2. The hot rolling process can improve the performance of metals and alloys
Because coarse grains of hot-rolled state can cast broken, microcracks healing and reduce or eliminate casting defects, converting low ductility cast structure into a higher plastic deformation of tissue.

3. The hot rolling may be a large reduction rolling
Within a certain temperature range, with increasing temperature, increasing the plasticity of metals, can use a larger amount of deformation of rolling, it can also reduce metal crack defects, improving the rate of finished metal.

4. The hot rolling usually large ingot rolling
Since the hot-rolled metal has high plasticity and less distortion resistance. It may be larger ingots, both to improve productivity, yield and rolling speed, but also for the continuous rolling process automation to create the conditions.

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