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Production Engineer

Date:2017-03-23    keywords:production engineer
Job Description
1. Improve productivity
- Increase welding speed
- Change operational condition to improve operating efficiency
2. Improve yield ( final production ratio against raw material)
- Change operational condition to improve yield
(Set up condition of machinery, operational procedure, etc…)
3. Improve quality
- Change welding condition to improve quality
- Weld of spiral pipe, splicing and other fabrication
- Change operational condition to improve size accuracy
(Outside diameter, ovality, squareness, etc…)
4. Plan to install and maintenance facility
- Plan to install and maintenance facility to improve above technical issues.
Required experiences and skills:
- Graduated from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or science majors ( but mechanical background will be preferable )
- More than 3 years of experiences of manufacturing with large machinery that is used at shipbuilding, iron & steel, or heavy manufacturing.
- Can Speak English enough to communicate in practical business.
Age: from 25 to 32
Education level:
- Graduated from University ( regular university program )

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