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Advantages of High Frequency Welded Pipe (ERW) in Application

Date:2022-08-22    keywords: high frequency welded pipe, erw pipe application
With the continuous development of the national economy, the demand for steel is also increasing, and the proportion of steel pipes in steel production is also increasing. Pipe production is basically divided into two categories, one is seamless steel pipe, which is mainly produced by rolling, extrusion and drawing; the other is welded pipe, which is mainly produced by high-frequency welding.

Compared with seamless steel pipes, the production of welded pipes has the characteristics of strong continuity, high efficiency and low cost; in terms of use, with the improvement of the quality of welded pipes and the reliability of non-destructive testing, the use of welded pipes has become more and more popular, and gradually replaced seamless steel pipe. Moreover, with the rapid development of its raw material strip production, the proportion of welded pipes in the entire pipe is increasing.

 erw steel pipe

With the improvement of the welding seam quality and the reliability of non-destructive testing of electric welded pipes, the use of welded pipes is expanding day by day, and they can replace seamless steel pipes in more and more sectors and uses. The growth rate of welded pipes is higher than that of seamless steel pipes, which is the development of general trend.

High-frequency welded steel pipe (erw steel pipe) has the characteristics of relatively simple process and can be produced quickly and continuously.

The high-frequency welded pipe process has advantages in many aspects. It has a wide adaptability to the material of the tube blank and the size of the steel pipe. and welds with good fire penetration. In terms of quality, the high-frequency welded pipe has the advantages of good weld quality, small internal and external burrs, high welding speed, and low power consumption, and has a wide range of applications.

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