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What are the Finished Seamless Steel Pipe Inspection?

Date:2019-05-14    keywords:seamless steel pipe, inspection
The finished seamless steel pipe is sent to the inspection department for product quality inspection, which is an important measure to ensure the quality of the seamless steel pipe. Inspection standards and content are defined by national standards and some standards or technical conditions.

The inspection of the finished seamless steel pipe can be spot-checked and all. The spot check is generally to determine the mechanical properties, internal organization and chemical composition of the seamless steel pipe. In addition to sampling in a batch of seamless steel tubes, some seamless steel tubes for important purposes are sometimes inspected. In addition, hot-rolled seamless steel tubes are subjected to process tests such as flattening, bending, crimping and flaring, and hydrostatic tests according to standard requirements.

The inner and outer surface quality of the seamless steel pipe should be inspected with the naked eye or special equipment. Of course, the simplest inspection method is manual visual inspection, but it takes a lot of manpower and is laborious, easy to make mistakes, and difficult to mechanize and automate. The use of the non-invasive inspection method is both labor-saving and reliable, also it's mechanized and automated. Thus, it has been widely developed.

In the past, the geometrical dimensions of seamless steel tubes have been checked manually. In recent years, automatic measuring instruments such as thickness gauges and optical pulse calipers have been widely used. These instruments for measuring the size of seamless steel tubes can be used not only for inspection of finished pipes, but also for monitoring and measurement on process lines, which facilitates effective and timely control of seamless steel pipe dimensional tolerances during rolling in order to improve the accuracy of the seamless steel pipe geometry and reduce the size of the defective products.

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