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Thick-walled Seamless Steel Pipe Installation

Date:2019-04-25    keywords:Thick-walled, seamless steel pipe, installation
Thick-walled seamless steel pipe is the most basic transportation pipeline for modern long-distance pipeline transportation industry. It's because thick-walled seamless steel pipe has its thick wall, strong anti-collision and anti-corrosion properties in the wild that it has always played an irreplaceable role in the long distance oil and natural gas transportation. Although it is used in modern pipeline transportation, installation is always a big problem to solve.

Where the pipe always has joints, here is the focus of the installation. Pipes with such thick walls, like thick-walled seamless steel pipe, have almost no environmental problems to manage the road. Generally, we dig a hole directly to accommodate the pipe and then put pipes in, but we should pay attention to the joints. This is the place to test the technology of the workers.

Commonly-used thick-walled seamless steel pipes have been working at the joints at the time of production. Each type of pipe has its own unique bolts. If some models are used without force, not only will the pipes be used. It has an impact and may leak during transportation.

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