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The Four Advantages of Seamless Steel Pipe

Date:2019-07-18    keywords:seamless steel pipe,advantages
The transportation industry is very important to us and to the development of the entire country. Because only through transportation, it is possible to send things from all over the world to where they are needed. However, in the past, when transporting some liquids or gaseous substances, there was always a lot of trouble. Because of these substances, there is a very high requirement for the tightness of the pipe. As long as the pipe itself, or where it is connected, any cracks appear. This is all about making transportation and it doesn't make any sense. Because of the transportation, in the process of transportation, all leaked.

This problem, after the rise of seamless steel pipes, slowly disappeared. Because the biggest ace product of our factory is seamless steel pipe. Seamless steel pipe is the best material for transporting liquid or gas. Pipes that use seamless steel tubes are not only in terms of tightness, they reach a very high standard. And in the usual maintenance, it is no need to spend more time.

1, The shape standard diversity:  through the different shape of the mold, cold pull out the different cross-sectional shape, different standard public service cold drawn steel, the viewpoint can be planned into a right angle or rounded corners.

2, High-precision point of view: the use of high-quality carbide molds and professional mold repair personnel. Ensure that the public service is accurate and consistent.

 Appearance Lubrication:The leading cold kneading technology makes the cold drawn steel products look bright and lustrous.

3, A lot of data savings: cold drawing technology is the cost of the original data cold kneading deformation to achieve the required shape, standard and public service original data is very small. Relative to the use of traditional lathe machining cutting data, the data saved by cold-drawn steel is often quite wrong, especially when the amount of data is large and the cost savings are more obvious.

4, Processing time processing machinery savings: due to precision and accurate appearance, cold drawn steel products can be directly used, such as spraying, sanding, bending, turning holes can also be directly electroplated after the actual demand, without a lot of machines The processing time saves the cost of equipment and processing machiner.

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