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Q345B Steel Pipe Definition, Performance, Application and Process

Date:2019-06-03    keywords:Q345B steel pipe, seamless steel pipe
1, Definition:

Q345B steel pipe is one of the materials of seamless steel pipe, the former name is 16Mn. 16, which represents the carbon content of this steel is about 0.16%. Mn alone was proposed because the five elements (carbon C, silicon Si, manganese Mn, phosphorus P, sulfur S) have high manganese content and are proposed separately. About 1.20-1.60%.

2, Performance:

16Mn is a low-alloy steel plate series. In this series, it is the most common material, or the grade of steel plate. According to special requirements, the steel plate can be subjected to some special treatments such as heat treatment and Z-direction properties.

Heat treatment: controlled rolling, normalizing, etc.
Z-direction performance: Z15, Z25, Z35

Main features: good overall performance, good low temperature performance, good stamping performance, good welding performance and machinability.

3, Application: 

mining, transportation, chemical, sewage and other machinery.

Steel pipe weight formula: [(outer diameter-wall thickness)*wall thickness]*0.02466=kg/m(weight per meter)

4, Seamless pipe process
Sanitary mirror tube process:
Tube blank - inspection - stripping - inspection - heating - perforation - pickling - grinding - lubrication and air drying - welding head - cold drawing - solution treatment - pickling - pickling Passivation - inspection - cold rolling - degreasing - cutting head - air drying - internal polishing - external polishing - inspection - identification - finished packaging
Industrial pipe process:
Tube blank - inspection - peeling - inspection - heating - perforation - pickling - repairing mushrooms - lubricating and drying - welding head - cold drawing - solution treatment - pickling - pickling Passivation - inspection

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