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A Common Phenomenon of Weld Pipe

Date:2019-05-31    keywords:weld pipe
It is a common phenomenon that the wear-resistant welded pipe will heat up after transported a long time, which directly affects the normal work of the concrete pump and the damage caused by the heating phenomenon. The main points are as follows:

1. The seals of welded pipes and components deteriorate under high temperature, and the elastic denaturing ability is lowered, so that the sealing performance is lowered, and even the seal is ineffective, so that the leakage is increased.
2. When the valve core, valve body material of the hydraulic valve member, and the thermal expansion coefficient are different, the valve core is stuck due to thermal expansion between the valve core and the valve body, so that the concrete pump cannot work.
3. After the temperature of the working fluid rises, the viscosity of the work and ing fluid is lowered, the leakage of the pump is increased, and the actual flow rate of the pump is decreased.
4. When the viscosity of the working liquid is lowered, the lubricating performance of the working liquid is lowered, the wear of the hydraulic component is accelerated, the wear failure of the component is accelerated, and the service life of the component is shortened.

In order to avoid the above phenomenon as much as possible, some concrete pumps have to stop after a certain period of use to cool the system, thereby reducing the operating rate of the concrete pump and affecting the construction progress. Therefore, corresponding measures should be taken for the cause of system heating, and the wear-resistant tube controls the temperature of the welded pipe to ensure the normal use of the concrete pump.

Wear-resistant pipeline transportation has spread throughout the power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical, building materials, machinery and other industries, and is developing at a high speed. When the wear-resistant welded pipe pipe conveys highly abrasive materials (such as ash, coal powder, ore fine powder, etc.), there is a problem that the wear-resistant pipe wears quickly, especially the bent pipe wears faster. When a gas, liquid or solid having a strong corrosion is transported in the wear-resistant pipe, there is a problem that the wear-resistant pipe is corroded and quickly destroyed. When a material having a relatively high temperature is conveyed in a wear-resistant pipe, there is a problem that the use of the heat-resistant steel pipe is very expensive. After the wear-resistant pipes were put on the market, these problems were solved. Wear-resistant welded pipes are widely used in mine wear, mine fines and tailings transportation, and wear-resistant pipes such as powder feeding, slag removal and ash conveying in coal-fired power plants are also very suitable.

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