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ERW Straight Seam Welded Pipe

Date:2020-01-07    keywords:straight seam welded pipe,ERW
ERW straight seam welded pipe, also known as "resistance welded straight seam welded pipe", ERW straight seam welded pipe is mainly divided into two forms: ERW AC welded steel pipe and ERW DC welded steel pipe. ERW straight seam welded pipes are further divided into low frequency welding, intermediate frequency welding, ultra intermediate frequency welding and high frequency welding according to different frequencies. High-frequency welding is mainly used for the production of thin-walled steel pipes or ordinary thick-walled steel pipes. High-frequency welding is divided into contact welding and induction welding.

The straight seam high-frequency welded steel pipe has advanced forming technology, reliable quality, good welding position, stable welding parameters, fast welding speed, high output, and the equipment and technology of the entire production line are currently at the international first-class level.

 (1) During the forming process of high-frequency welded steel pipe with straight seam, the springback is small and the residual stress is small.
 (2) The deformation hardening effect is small, and the geometric size is accurate after rounding, which is conducive to ensuring the quality of construction and welding.
 (3) The shape of the bead of the straight seam high frequency welded steel pipe is good, it is not easy to undercut, and the internal and external welding is not correct for medium defects.

 (4) Welds of straight seam steel pipes are distributed at one point on the circumference. Therefore, the weld can be placed in a favorable position according to the requirements of use.

It is mainly used for the transportation of onshore, offshore oil and gas, coal slurry, and ore slurry media, as well as pipes for offshore platforms, power stations, chemicals and urban building structures.

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