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Gas Pipeline Transport in Russia

Date:2021-03-26    keywords:Gas Pipeline Transport in Russia

Project introduction: They performed tasks such as loading and unloading, lashing, on-site unloading, and customizing procedures, including special permits required for special commodities. 

The project includes the transportation of more than 300 containers, devices that exceed specifications, oversized bulk cargo, and several cranes, vehicles, forklifts, tractors and similar devices. 

One of the main challenges in handling this project is to deal with tight deadlines, coupled with complex customs regulations for this particular type of cargo. 

However, the team put a huge effort to prepare all approvals and permits in a timely manner, and fully meet the required timetable, and make the project complete on time.

ID Description Material
No.PMC20194206 LSAW Pipe API 5L
Purchase Time
Completion Date

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