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What Are the JCOE LSAW Steel Pipe Forming Processes?

Date:2018-07-17    keywords:jcoe forming processes
JCOE lsaw steel pipe manufacturing process is a new type of welded steel pipe forming technology that was developed in the 1990s. The main forming process of this technology is to mill the edge (or planing edge) of the steel plate before the steel plate width direction. Pre-bending, and then step-by-step molding in the order of J letter type → C letter type → O letter type, and multiple times of pressure stamping in the forming process, the three-point bending mold is used as the basic principle. Since the raw material steel plate of lsaw steel pipe is formed by multiple progressive die pressing, it is necessary to solve the following basic problems: 
1. How to determine the shape of the die, the stroke of the upper die and the spacing of the lower die 

2. How many punches are required to ensure the most suitable punching Bending radii and optimal open O-tube. These problems are different from the steel plate material, the specific mechanical properties of the steel plate production plant, and the steel pipe type (diameter and wall thickness). Whenever the production changes the new specifications or the new steel plate material, a certain number of samples are tested and the appropriate production and processing data are explored. The trial and error method is more reliable because the trial and error method is based on the scientific data of imported JCOE molding equipment from Germany. Due to the large number of JCOE process parameters of lsaw steel pipe, not only the production process data is determined by trial and error, but also a few months of debugging process in order to obtain a mature process.

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