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Warehouse Management, Hoisting and Transportation Precautions for Spiral Steel Pipe Factory

Date:2023-09-27    keywords: spiral steel pipe factory warehouse management, hoisting and transportation

Warehouse management, hoisting and transportation precautions for spiral steel pipe factory:

1) Matters needing attention in storage management of spiral steel pipes

1. The foundation on which steel pipes are stacked should be higher than the ground level to ensure that part of the steel pipe body is not immersed in water due to rain.

2. Stacking height: Stacking too high can easily deform the roundness of steel pipes, affecting delivery and use.
In particular, D/T (pipe diameter/wall thickness greater than 150mm) steel pipes with a diameter above 1220mm must not be stacked in more than 2 layers;
Steel pipes with a diameter of 820mm-1020mm must not be stacked in more than 3 layers;

Other specifications can be stacked according to site requirements.

 spiral steel pipe factory

3. After the steel pipes are stacked, clamps should be placed on the outer steel pipes to prevent accidents caused by rolling steel pipes.
4. Anti-corrosion: If there are corrosive liquids and gases near the storage place or there are companies that use or manufacture such products nearby, the stored steel pipes will corrode and should be protected with rainproof cloth.

2) Precautions for hoisting spiral steel pipes

1. The lateral contact surface between the hook and the end of the spiral pipe shall not be less than 40mm, otherwise it will easily deform the pipe mouth and affect the pipe docking.

2. Limitation on the number of hoisting rods
With diameters of 219mm, 273mm, 325mm and 377mm, up to 4-5 pieces can be hoisted at one time;
With diameters of 426mm, 478mm and 529mm, up to 2-3 pieces can be hoisted at one time;
Up to two steel pipes with diameters of 630mm and 720mm can be lifted at one time; steel pipes with diameters above 820mm can be lifted with one piece at one time.

3) Things to note when transporting spiral steel pipes

During transportation, avoid collisions between the steel pipe body or the pipe end and other hard objects, which may cause deformation of the pipe mouth or pipe body. At the same time, such collisions may also cause scratches on the steel pipe body. According to the investigation, the transportation spiral pipe should comply with the following requirements:

1. For bulk or bundled spiral pipes, sleepers should be placed at the bottom of the carriage. Vehicles using flatbed trucks with steel structure brackets must be equipped with protective rubber pads on the entire length of the sides that are in contact with the spiral pipe.
2. The carriage should be clean and free of stones, bricks and other hard objects to prevent them from damaging the spiral pipe.
3. When the spiral pipe is transferred to the warehouse in the factory area, the spiral pipe should be properly placed with isolation sleepers. Place at least two places along the length of the spiral pipe. The skids should be placed vertically against the spiral pipe and aligned up and down. The skids should be placed horizontally and intact.

4. The finished spiral pipes that are transported over long distances and delivered to users should be tied firmly after loading. If they are tied with steel wire ropes or similar hard objects, protective spacers should be placed at the bundling area of the spiral pipes or protective spacers should be installed on the steel wire ropes to prevent Damage the surface of the spiral tube and avoid direct collision, friction and forward and backward movement between the spiral tube and the carriage.

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