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The Effect of Seamless Steel Tube Bending

Date:2021-07-22    keywords:seamless steel tube bending

The straightness of seamless steel tubes is not up to standard and affects the processing? Recently, many customers have asked about the straightness of seamless steel pipes. After conversations, they found that these customers will have to process them later, and the steel pipes are too curved to cause a lot of trouble. In fact, the delivery status, size, and steel grade of steel pipes are all factors that affect the straightness of seamless steel pipes. Today I will take you to know about seamless steel pipes.What is the impact of bending that is not straight? How does PMC do it if the straightness requirement is higher than the national standard?

seamless steel pipe

1. Because the steel pipe is not straight, have you encountered the following processing problems?

(1) Cutting rate
The bending of seamless steel tubes will cause a lot of trouble to customers during the cutting process. The steel pipes bend and jump, which is difficult to cut, and the cutting error is large, which directly causes the product yield rate to drop.

(2) Product accuracy
Product accuracy is the requirement of the product itself. For example, if seamless steel pipes are used as a set, one steel pipe is sheathed with another steel pipe, the steel pipe will not be inserted when bent, resulting in the entire batch of pipes being scrapped.

Our real case:

We have had such a case about the effect of straightness on product accuracy. There used to be a customer of motor piping, the outer diameter is 35mm, the inner hole is 31mm, and the delivery is cold, the length of the finished product is required
4.4 meters, the straightness requirement is 1mm/m, the inner and the outer are matched, and the inner plug is a 28mm pipe. If the outer pipe is bent and has poor straightness, the inner pipe cannot be fully inserted.

This customer previously chose a supplier with a cheap offer due to price issues, but because the supplier did not have professional equipment, the straightness has not been reached, and the delivery has been delayed. After multiple changes to the supplier without results, he finally found a PMC professional The equipment solves the problem for customers, so price is not the only choice.

How does PMC achieve a straightness requirement higher than the national standard?

Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd (carbon steel pipe for sale) mainly uses professional straightening equipment and product-by-product quality inspection procedures to ensure straightness accuracy. We not only have a 7-roll straightening machine and a high-precision straightening machine for special-shaped steel pipes, but also an 11-roll straightening machine to meet customers' high straightness requirements. Professional equipment and more than ten years of rich experience can meet customers' different straightness requirements.

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