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The Difference Between Welded Square Tube and Seamless Square Tube

Date:2019-11-05    keywords:square tube,welded square tube,seamless square tube
The welded square tube is a hollow square section steel square tube, also known as a hollow cold-formed steel. The utility model relates to a profiled steel of a square cross-sectional shape which is formed by hot-rolling or cold-rolling strip or coil as a blank after cold bending forming and then high-frequency welding. In addition to the thickening of the wall thickness of the seamless square tube, the corner size and the straightness of the edge meet or exceed the level of the cold-formed square tube of the electric resistance welding. The size of the R angle is generally between 2 and 3 times the wall thickness. . It is also possible to produce R-square squares of the size required by the customer according to the needs of the customer. The general length is 6 meters. The welded steel pipe has simple production process, high production efficiency, many varieties and specifications, and low equipment investment, but the general strength is lower than that of seamless steel pipe.

The seamless square tube is a long strip of steel having a hollow section and no seam at the periphery, and is a square tube formed by a seamless tube passing through the four sides of the mold. The square tube has a hollow section and is used as a conduit for conveying fluid. Mainly used in liquid transportation, hydraulic support, mechanical structure, medium and low pressure, high pressure boiler tubes, heat exchange tubes, gas, petroleum and other industries. It is stronger than a welded square tube and does not crack. Generally speaking, the welded square tube is formed by bending and welding of the plate, so the compressive ability of the mechanical properties is not as stable as that of the seamless square tube, but the welded square tube is undoubtedly super economic and high efficiency.

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