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SSAW Steel Pipe Equipment Plays an Important Role in Modern Machinery

Date:2018-06-12    keywords:ssaw steel pipe production equipment
The application of ssaw steel pipe production equipment in many modern machines is precisely because of this, it only shows the important role of welded pipe units. Whether it is in the car or in the ship has a large number of applications, especially in Germany and China's cooperation in the production of this major case of the ship, fully illustrates the important role of spiral pipe production equipment.

From the structural point of view, ssaw steel pipe production equipment is to roll low-carbon structural steel or low-alloy structural steel steel strip into tube blanks according to a certain helix angle, and then weld the tube seams together. In the production, narrow diameter steel strips can be used to produce large-diameter steel tubes. Generally, such welded tube units are used in oil and natural gas transmission pipelines. The general process flow is: main processes such as unwinding, rolling up, leveling, butt welding, milling, forming, internal welding, external welding, pipe cutting, breaking, subsequent welding, and hydrostatic testing. This process also fully demonstrated the reliability and importance of spiral pipe production equipment in processing. Permanent Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. guarantees that the quality of welded pipe units produced by the company is guaranteed, such as outer diameter, wall thickness, ellipticity, degree of curvature, and verticality of the pipe ends. The chemical aspects are subjected to hydrostatic pressure test and acid etching test. Non-destructive testing and many other tests. These are the basis for ensuring the standard pass performance of the welding passenger unit.

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