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Seamless Pipe Pressure Calculation

Date:2024-06-11    keywords: seamless pipe pressure calculation, seamless tube pressure calculation, cs seamless steel pipe
What is seamless pipe?

Seamless pipe (smls pipe) is a metal pipe material, which is processed from a single piece of steel billet through heating, perforation, rolling, cooling and other processes. Compared with welded pipes, seamless pipes have smooth inner walls, uniform thickness, and can withstand high pressure and high temperature. The manufacturing process of seamless pipes ensures the high quality and reliability of seamless pipes.

How to calculate the pressure of seamless pipe?

1. Under normal circumstances, the pressure calculation of seamless pipes can use the following formula:


Among them, P represents the pressure-bearing capacity of the seamless pipe (unit: MPa), S is the tensile strength of the seamless pipe (unit: MPa), t is the pipe wall thickness (unit: mm), and D is the pipe diameter (unit: mm).

In practical applications, calculations need to be made based on the specific conditions of seamless pipes, and adjustments must be made in conjunction with factors such as the use environment and working conditions.

 carbon steel seamless pipe

2. Calculation of seamless pipe pressure under high temperature and high pressure

When using seamless pipes under high temperature and pressure, the effects of temperature and pressure on the seamless pipe material need to be considered. In this case, the pressure calculation can be done using the following formula:


Among them, K is the temperature coefficient and C is the pressure coefficient, which can be calculated according to the specific materials and usage conditions of the seamless pipe.

Expression method of seamless pipe pressure coefficient:

Steel pipe pressure P<7Mpa coefficient S=8
7<steel pipe pressure P<17.5 coefficient S=6
Steel pipe pressure P>17.5 coefficient S=4

Application areas of seamless pipes:

1. Petrochemical industry
Seamless pipes are widely used in the petrochemical industry. A large number of seamless pipes are required in all aspects of oil drilling, oil production, oil storage, transportation, and oil refining. Seamless pipes are also often used in chemical factory production pipelines, such as when transporting gases such as ammonia and ethylene.

2. Construction field
In the field of modern construction, seamless pipes also occupy a relatively important position. For example, seamless pipes are used as the main material in pipeline systems such as water supply and drainage in high-rise buildings.

3. Machinery manufacturing field
Seamless pipes are widely used in the field of machinery manufacturing, such as automobile engines, aerospace engines, etc., which require the use of seamless pipes. The machinery manufacturing industry has very strict requirements for pipe materials. The high quality and reliability of seamless pipes can provide effective guarantee for the machinery manufacturing industry.

4. Energy field
The energy field has high requirements for pipeline quality, so the application of seamless pipes in this field is also very important. For example, the water pipelines and gas pipelines of nuclear power plants and thermal power plants use seamless pipes.

In the power industry, it is mainly used in power transmission and power generation equipment. Seamless steel pipes have excellent corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance and other properties in high-temperature, high-pressure, and large-flow power transmission environments, which can ensure the safety and stability of power transmission and improve the reliability of power.

Seamless pipes have stricter requirements for use in the nuclear industry and are required to withstand high temperature, high pressure, radiation and other special environments. In addition to its excellent performance in other fields, seamless steel pipes also require materials with special properties such as high purity and low alkyl group to ensure the safety of nuclear industry equipment.

In addition, the following points need to be noted in practical applications:

1. The usage environment of seamless pipes should comply with relevant standards and regulations.
2. Seamless pipes should be fully inspected before use to ensure that the material and processing quality meet the requirements.
3. When using seamless pipes under special conditions such as high temperature and high pressure, corresponding protective measures should be taken to ensure the normal operation of seamless pipes.
4. The installation and maintenance of seamless pipes should be carried out by professionals to ensure safety and reliability.

In short, the pressure calculation of seamless pipes is a relatively complex issue, which requires comprehensive consideration based on different usage conditions and requirements to obtain safe and reliable calculation results.

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